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Tomorrow’s Success
Begins Today at the
Biz Kidz Expo

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                                                                                    Congratulations to our Jr. Division Biz Kidz 

What is the Biz Kidz Expo?

Are you an entrepreneur between the ages of 7-18?  A future business leader who has a great idea for a company? The Biz Kidz Expo event is designed to spark the imagination of young entrepreneurs, introduce them to the world of business, and create new opportunities through exposure to experts and leaders in our community.  Plus, it’s just plain fun!

The mission of Biz Kidz Expo is to encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and help them create a successful business enterprise. It is also designed to teach them entrepreneurial habits and strategies, which will help them be more successful.

Show Your Stuff. Build Your Business.

Biz Kidz Expo is the perfect venue for your child to sell or display their uniquely created products or services. Your children will have a chance to be surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs who are all pursuing their passion, and many of them will be doing it even before they’re in high school! From jewelry makers, bakers, artists, and robot inventors, the Biz Kidz Expo provides a venue for any budding young entrepreneur.

Every participant can sell their products to customers and will pitch their business proposal to a panel of judges, who will score each entry on originality, viability, scalability, and impact.

The first, second, and third-place winners receive monetary awards that help make their dream come true. Let’s launch our future generation of business leaders!

Learn From Business Experts

I invite you to take your child on the most exciting, educational and fun road to success! The Biz Kidz Expo is a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas or products in a unique and friendly environment. Your child will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts, obtain valuable feedback and make exciting new connections that may change their life forever.

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